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Crypto 300 Club is an online crypto trading system that is patterned after a successful crypto trading company.*
It is with deep gratitude that we can now offer our club members the same opportunity to earn profits from crypto trades.

WHAT WE ARE: Crypto 300 Club pools all money spent on Earnings Packs ($10) by Club Members, and then has a team of expert crypto traders make daily trades on behalf of all members. All profits earned from these trades are paid to members DAILY on each Earnings Pack owned by each individual member. The Crypto 300 Club system removes individual risks, while allowing people from all income levels to earn a Minimum of 150% Annually.

WHO WE ARE: Crypto 300 Club is owned by an international holding company and is managed by a group of highly successful online marketing and programming specialists, as well as highly-talented crypto traders. With over 100 years of combined business management experience, the Crypto 300 Club Executive Team is well qualified to guide this company. Because Crypto 300 Club is licensed from the original System, full support from the parent company has been granted.

WHY WE ARE: Members of the Crypto 300 Club Executive Team share the explicit MISSION as set forth by the creators of the Orginal Pay System; SUCCESS THROUGH SIMPLICITY is more than a slogan. It is the original intent of the parent company, to design and operate an online pay system that “anyone” can do successfully and easily, regardless of race, financial circumstances, locale, age, gender, or level of experience, and WITHOUT the requirement of “recruiting new members” in order to earn money.

WHERE WE ARE: Because Crypto 300 Club Member Affiliates & Customers reside in nearly every country of the world, our company is purposefully decentralized. All Staff and Management work remotely via the internet, allowing us to serve our clients for years to come without any type of interruption.

* Crypto 300 Club is a licensed clone of Ad Click Xpress.

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